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  1. 2020

BWP Group

That's Why I Choose STIHL

Category:Advertising Strategy Of The Year


STIHL briefed BWP to drive wider brand awareness and power up sales of its chainsaw range. Due to the January/February 2014 storms, it experienced a serious sales spike in the UK, leading to an optimistic sales forecast for 2015.

In order to achieve cut through, STIHL had to stand out from its competitors by creating a campaign that captured the attention of its existing audience as well as a completely new one.

Our overarching campaign concept engaged successfully across multiple channels and spoke to our audience on a deep and personal level. We challenged gender stereotypes common in power tool product messaging. This reflected STIHL’s customer-centric approach; putting real users at the heart of its communications strategy as well as product design.

The campaign launched nationally in September 2015. That same month was STIHL’s fourth best for sales since it began selling in the UK.  We left one customer feeling so inspired she was compelled to get in contact:

“As a young woman who blurs the boundaries of gender roles, I enjoyed seeing myself reflected in this advert; a strong woman, who uses STIHL products to chop wood for my wood burner, making my house into a warm and comfortable home.”