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  1. 2020

Big Dog Agency

It's called Fuel+ for a reason

Category:B2B Strategy Or Campaign Of The Year


Barclaycard commissioned Big Dog Agency to help launch a new fuel card that would shake up the market. Our challenge was to raise awareness of this game-changing solution. Our target: to generate £33m worth of leads in 2015.

We developed intriguing creative that confronted the mileage recording issues that face our audience without seeming accusatory. And it was all underpinned with a simple strapline that implied the huge benefits of the card: ‘It’s called Fuel+ for a reason.’ 

The integrated campaign ran for three months, including press and digital ads, event sponsorship, emails, collateral and more. By the end of the year, we’d drummed up £96m of leads – a 290% increase on our target that looks set to generate around £441,000 average net income. Fuel+ had been well and truly noticed.