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  1. 2020


Missing Type

Category:B2C Strategy Or Campaign Of The Year

Client:NHS Blood and Transplant

Blood donor registrations have plummeted a staggering 40% in the past decade.

NHS Blood and Transplant needed to recruit a new generation of donors in order to safeguard the supply for the future.

A disruptive campaign was required to spark conversation and initiate behaviour change on a national level – creating new donor registrations, rather than simply raising awareness.

To put blood donation back on the agenda, we launched Missing Type, and made the letters of the blood groups A, O and B, disappear from society.

The activity combined to illustrate the problem, launch a participatory social media movement and garner blanket national news coverage, all amplifying the call to action for new blood donors. 

Triggered by staged partner content it was a simple, affirmative and inclusive movement. Anyone could join in – from individuals to global brands.

Proving to be a strong visceral reminder of how much society needs those simple letters, Missing Type became a catalyst for tens of thousands of people not just dropping their type, but registering to donate blood.  

Over 30,000 people registered as new blood donors in the first 10 days alone – equivalent to 100,000 lives saved or improved.