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  1. 2020

Ve Interactive

Ve Interactive for Crowdcube

Category:Best Programmatic Strategy


In five years, Ve has grown into a multi-award winning business, servicing 10,000+ clients globally, operating in 43 territories, in 19 languages, and in 34 offices worldwide and most recently named #1 in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100. Ve offer a complete platform of abandonment and acquisition solutions, helping clients maximise online conversions by reducing abandonment throughout the customer journey. In 2014 Ve acquired adGENIE and GDM Digital and developed VeAds, delivering intelligent, dynamic prospecting and retargeting ads to support both top and through funnel conversion. This solution was a key driver for the partnership with Crowdcube.

Crowdcube is the world’s leading investment equity crowdfunding platform. Founded in 2009, the brand are pioneers of disrupting the investments industry by connecting exciting new brands with forward-thinking investors and have been recently named Bloomberg’s Business Innovator for 2016.

Hailing from Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, BrewDog started in 2007 and has grown from a 2 man, 1 dog band to a 540 strong brand (& 1 dog) that import worldwide. No stranger to crowdfunding, their “Equity for Punks” schemes have helped catapult the brand to increasing success (they have the first crowdfunded brewery), creating an enviable brand loyalty. They’ve recently completed their 4th round of crowdfunding which will support their expansion into the US market. 


We were asked to improve BrewDog‘s brand awareness among high net worth investors and to provide high value investments. Crowdcube were also keen to move their digital advertising activity from 2 suppliers to one, resulting in increased ROI.