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  1. 2020


Crew Gets Sequential with Messaging

Category:Best Use Of Data

Client:Crew Clothing Company

Last November, with the holidays fast approaching, Crew wanted to increase sales, compared to the previous year, without having to increase budget. Since December is also their most profitable time of year for gifting and gift card purchases, they were also looking to push these messages to their consumers. 

NMP developed a strategy using Google Analytics audience lists that would increase campaign efficiency by creating personalised, and relevant messaging to multi-session consumers. Using insights into the Crew consumer journey, we determined a sequence of messaging that would deliver unique ad copy to an individual based on the number of sessions on Crew’s website.

Our test target market proved that sequential messaging improved campaign ROI, and was an effective way of increasing the rate of consumer re-engagement. Compared to the standard promotion, we saw an uplift in revenue of 120% during the same time period, and year on year (yoy) revenue per impression increased by 379%.