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  1. 2020

BlisMedia Ltd

Intel Brand and Product Christmas Campaign 2015

Category:Best Use Of Data

Client:OMD UK and Intel

Intel launched a brand campaign in the lead up to Christmas that aimed to generate awareness of the new “intel inside” products, increase demand for products and drive consumers into a range of high street retailers.

From a brand communications perspective, the main objective was to inspire the belief in the target audience (Intel Millennials) that with “intel inside” products, they will be more creative, capable and productive.

Blis worked with OMD to identify Intel’s target audience using location profiling: a methodology whereby tech adopters and mobile professionals were tracked within electronic retailers, digital tech conferences, SMEs and ‘Millennial locations’ such as bars, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas and exhibitions. In addition, other content data i.e. tech publisher visits etc. was blended with the location data.

This historical and real-time location behaviour built a highly targeted audience segment to serve ads to.

Ads were served to the audience while at home and on the move. Using cross-device tracking, Blis were able to target and re-target users on tablets, mobiles and desktops, whenever they connected to their residential IP addresses. Blis also targeted the audience when devices were seen within 500m of Intel stockists.

Blis then deployed its Footfall Analysis methodology to measure footfall rate into stores, frequency uplift and unique user identification in order to match groups of users who had been exposed to the creative and then were subsequently seen within the vicinity of a range of high street electrical and technology retailers.