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  1. 2020

Merkle | Periscopix

Tesco’s Toy Story: To Profitability and Beyond!

Category:Best Use Of Data

Client:Tesco Direct


When Tesco Direct first began working with Periscopix in June 2015, the Tesco Toys was amongst their better performing accounts. That said, with additional budget for 2015, they had forecast significant year on year growth, wanting to increase their share of voice against competitors such as Argos, Amazon & Toys R Us in the run up to Christmas and increase revenue from PPC.


We rebuilt the account by implementing a more granular account structured, splitting out generic, brand and product-specific searches, and migrated the account onto DoubleClick for Search (DS) to make use of the advanced account management features available on the platform. We then set out building highly granular campaigns with ad groups for each and began deploying KPI-Based bid strategies allowing the account to be fair more reactive to market changes. We then utilised a combination or DS inventory, AdWords Scripts, and automated rules to monitor and maintain a vast array of product-specific ads at scale.


  •  For the months October – December 2015, revenue increased by 474% compared to the same period in 2014.
  • Year on year cost of sale for the same period tumbled by 66%, from 10.98% to 3.68% - well under the 10% target.