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  1. 2020


Sex Degrees of Separation

Category:Branded Content Strategy Of The Year


LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor (LPOD) was looking to drive links to its website and improve its organic search through engaging and relevant content. Previously, to raise brand awareness through PR, it had developed an online tool to calculate the number of indirect sexual partners a person has had. However this did not support SEO or deliver significant sales. Six years later, armed with greater insight into its more digitally savvy audiences; how they engage with the topic of sexual health; and how and why they share content, LPOD and Pegasus relaunched the ‘Sex Degrees of Separation’ calculator to impressive effect. Thanks to clever repurposing of the content, new data into the sexual behaviour of adults in 2015 and creative, targeted delivery of the campaign, we secured nearly 400 follow links to the LPOD website, 12 of them with a DA of 80+. There were 1.6 million completions of the calculator, and over 20,000 shares. But, most importantly, more than 1,200 people took up LPOD’s STI assessments and organic sales of sexual health products doubled. It has been the most successful content marketing campaign for LPOD ever – all on a modest budget with a month to turn it around.