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  1. 2020

TMW Unlimited

Bigger Issues

Category:Cause Related Marketing Strategy Of The Year

Client:Lynx, Unilever

Being a guy today has a diverse definition; we’ve embraced our quirks and differences, and even the man bun. But while a lot has changed in society, there’s a lot that still hasn’t.

The idea of masculinity is still shaped by an outdated stereotype; the fighter, protector, provider. The audience that grew up with Lynx was used to a brand giving them humorous ads with one common goal – to get the girl. As the audience grew up, Lynx needed to show that they were with them on the journey, and that there was more to them than ‘laddy banter’.

Lynx partnered with suicide prevention charity CALM to tackle one of the biggest issues facing men in the UK. The UK’s male suicide rate has been rising for a number of years and is now at an all time high, with 4,623 men taking their own life in 2014 - that's one life every two hours. Having played a role in UK guy’s lives since 1985, Lynx have an opportunity to use their profile to get male suicide on the public agenda and contribute to a real education and eventual reduction of the issue with the expertise of CALM as a partner.