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  1. 2020


Barclay's Onboarding

Category:Direct And Promotional Strategy Of The Year


How do you give new banking customers an engaging, relevant and welcoming arm round the shoulder at a time when they feel a bit raw and confused? We talked to them personally and directly, taking them step by step through their unique personal banking landscape.


We did so by piloting the use of highly personalised short video via email, bringing key account-opening moments to life through film. And because we integrated personalised data, we gave each customer a different, more engaging welcome.


We saw a significant engagement uplift on previous on-boarding emails (without video): 62.09% open rate, +79% uplift, 21.43% of recipients clicked and +750% uplift. 68% watched the video, plus 34.07% CTO and +403% uplift. There was also an uplift in usage and activation: 4% Mobile Banking, 5% Text Alerts, 11% Pingit and 14% Online Banking.