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  1. 2020


Sky Movies Free Trial

Category:Direct And Promotional Strategy Of The Year

Client:Virgin Media

Using smart heuristic techniques, such as driving impulse response and FOMO (fear of missing out), we tempted customers to opt in to a Sky Movies free trial that they couldn't resist.


The creative was driven by behavioural science principles. It centred around the call-to-action. A big red button, which was just asking to be pushed. Playing on that impulse mind-set and people’s innate curiosity to find out what happens when they push a button.


We took our lessons learnt from previous campaigns – applying them throughout the activity, from subject lines through to simple UX. Ticking all the boxes and introducing clever little tweaks to fine-tune every aspect of the campaign.


We achieved a 44% open rate vs the industry standard of 26%! Thanks to personalisation and urgency in the subject line. A third of customers clicked through to our landing page. And 1 in 5 (20%) took up the trial and over 9,000 (25%) of trialist customers kept movies at full price post-trial. Proving how effective our big red button was.