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  1. 2020

Tin Man

Tin Man with Little, Brown Book Group. Sweet Success; creating a Sunday Times Bestseller

Category:Event Or Experiential Strategy Of The Year

Client:Little, Brown Book Group

Let’s be honest, book-signings are not newsworthy and rarely creative. Especially the 26th paperback of a ‘chicklit’ author. However, Little, Brown wanted a ‘moment’ to launch Carole Matthews’ latest novel, The Cake Shop in the Garden that would have mass appeal and drive sales.

Strategically combining Britain’s top pastimes – gardening and baking – we created a unique edible garden made entirely of cake. The campaign catapulted the book to no.6 in the Sunday Times Bestseller listWe secured 50 pieces of coverage, over 1,000 visitors and 2million impressions on social. With no marketing or ATL, it proved the true power of PR events.