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  1. 2020


The light side of disability

Category:Advertising Strategy Of The Year

Client:Mars Maltesers

In 2016, Maltesers set out to bring itself back from declining sales and struggling communications with a new brand platform Look on the Light Side. An unexpected opportunity in the form of the Superhumans Wanted competition run by Channel 4 opened up a strategic avenue – the fairer representation of disabled people – that we had not previously considered in relation to our platform.


We reframed our objectives to include how we portrayed people in our work, how the wider industry did this, and on the rift between the expectations of the industry and the nation in this way. For a brand that hadn’t seen sales uplift from a communications campaign in years, to try and create industry-wide societal change was a pretty ambitious task!


So we invested time and effort into partnering with the right people (Scope) and conducting research to really get to the heart of the representation of disability. With fresh insight from disabled people to guide us, we crafted an idea big enough for the task.


By “looking on the light side” of disability, we created an 8.1% uplift in value sales, 19.4% uplift in units sold, and the most viewed YouTube video in Maltesers’ history. The impact of our work spread as far as the House of Commons, generating much needed discussion and debate about the role of advertising in representing British people of all shapes and sizes.