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  1. 2020

Spotify Ltd

Musical Out Of Office Campaign

Category:B2B Strategy Or Campaign Of The Year


Since the launch of Spotify four years ago in Singapore, the brand has evolved and progressed. From starting out as a “niche” platform especially amongst brands, today it is seen as an alternative media platform. Based on streaming data, we know when our users are listening, with what device, and during what moment; which makes it a powerful platform for advertisers to maximise.

The Musical Out of Office (OOO) campaign is aimed at engaging with Spotify users and brands. This was one way to get music incorporated on the business front; while actively showcasing Spotify’s innovative product development.

The main objectives of the program:

  • To be top of mind amongst brands and advertisers
  • Drive product engagement and brand awareness amongst businesses/brands
  • Showcase the innovative spirit of Spotify

The launch of Musical OOO definitely helped cement Spotify’s strength within the B2B marketing front.