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  1. 2020


Create Your Next Remember When…

Category:Customer Insight Strategy Of The Year

Client:Exclusive Resorts

Merkle used its Neuroanalytic™ practice based on cognitive psychology and behavioral economics to further understand the Exclusive Resorts audience. Through a series of quantitative and qualitative research phases, we discovered the audiece’s underlying motivations, their emotional drivers, and the market opportunity. This unveiled a massive opportunity for Exclusive Resorts – the audience’s deep desire for “family bonding.” Focusing  on family for a high-end vacation boutique was a complete shift from the common industry practice of messaging “luxury,” which was only cited as the most compelling driver in 10% of surveyed families. With this strategy, Exclusive Resorts was able to create a truly unique message in a crowded market inundated by photos of pristine beaches..


The research defined the brand attributes that members value most and tied those attributes to the emotional benefit of building memories with statistical certainty. Together, Merkle and Exclusive Resorts used this research to shape the fully integrated “Create Your Next Remember When” brand campaign, which has seen significant results. The company clearly differentiated itself by showcasing real moments from its 4000+ member community, collected during their time vacationing at Exclusive Resorts property. These were featured across a website re-launch, digital/print advertising refresh, direct mail re-design, new interactive quiz, editorial magazine and “Remember When” video series. The results defined the success of the campaign and accuracy of the insights with a 47% increase in website conversion rate, 136% increase in social likes, and a 210% increase in comments, shares and retweets.