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  1. 2020

Kier Group

Shaping Your World

Category:B2B Integrated Campaign Strategy Of The Year [New For 2018]

Client:Kier Group

People are the life blood of the built environment, not bricks and mortar, and we need 400,000 new recruits every year. To tackle the major skills shortage which we are facing we needed to inspire the next generation of talent to consider a career within our sector. By carrying out independent research we discovered the industry is misperceived as ‘muddy’, ‘manual’ and ‘male dominated’ and revealed a fundamental challenge that threatens £90bn of UK GDP.

When you add in to the mix, the patchy careers advice now offered at schools, it became clear we needed to act.  But we couldn’t just tackle the problem by providing advice; we must do more to showcase the great things we do as an industry.

As a result, we created our new campaign branded ‘Shaping Your World’, including our new innovation – the Virtual World PlaqueTM – that we’ve added to our buildings and hoardings with the collaborative support of our clients. These are physical markers that link to a digital archive of inspiring content about our projects, alongside an online campaign and engagement website, designed to appeal to our target audience of Generation Z (11-15 year olds).

Engaging online content includes fun short quiz that creates a built environment avatar to encourage social media sharing, an interactive street scene, and animated pride and passion videos.

We have also pledged 1% of our workforce as Kier Career Ambassadors, who will work with schools and colleges to engage with 10,000 students over the next 12months.