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  1. 2020

Momentum Worldwide

MS: Inside Out Experiences 2017

Category:Best Brand Experience/event Strategy Of The Year

Client:Merck KGaA

Dedicated to evolving understanding of the chronic autoimmune disease affecting 2.3million people worldwide, Merck debuted its dual-element Multiple Sclerosis Experience at ECTRIMS Paris 2017, comprising:

MY OTHER LIFE - a next-generation 4D VR experience mapping ‘in-their-skin’ patient stories to user- reactive physical space to provide deeply empathetic insight into the psychological and emotional impact of sufferer’s physiological symptoms. Seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling the challenges faced by two people living with different stages of MS.

MS: INSIDE OUT - the accompanying real-world experience directly demonstrates the condition’s effects on the human body with tangibly physical experiences of everyday situations made frightening and unknown by MS. Its four experience zones taking users on a journey through typical everyday challenges faced by sufferers of MS.

Both combined to emotively and physically immerse people in the lives behind the diagnosis, creating greater awareness and deeper understanding of how patients feel: changing perceptions by bringing people closer to understanding MS by literally experiencing its affects from inside the minds and bodies of the diagnosed. 

Proving the power of an experiential campaign to bring people closer to something as intangible as a disease, with 95% of those taking part saying their understanding and awareness of MS improved as a result.

Caudex Ltd & McCann Torre Lazur