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  1. 2020


Inside Out Banking

Category:Finance And Professional Services Marketing Strategy Of The Year

Client:Barclays Corporate Banking, Big Dog, Maxus

Advertising for corporate banking was about to be turned upside down.

Or rather, inside out.

In a world where marketing looks and feels the same, Barclays wanted to break away.

To demonstrate how our Relationship Directors go the extra mile.

How they don’t sit behind a desk in an ivory tower.

Instead they’re seen as true business partners. And come armed with industry expertise.

They spend time in our clients’ businesses,

to understand the challenges and opportunities they face.


As the smallest of the big spenders, we had a flat year on year budget.

Regardless, we needed to increase reach, drive awareness and support income growth.


The result?

A concept called inside out banking.

Channelled through digital out of home,

and retargeted using mobile.


We increased reach by 17%.

Turned the dial on awareness,

and saw a 61% YOY uplift in pipeline income and a 116% YOY uplift in actual income.