Wireframe Creative 3D

Wireframe Creative 3D is a digital communication and CGI visualisation studio based in Glasgow’s Lighthouse Centre (right on your doorstep) - Scotland's Centre for Design and Architecture.

We specialise in creating a visual connection through stunning, engaging visual solutions and interactive presentation tools that help and support your Architectural design, planning applications, bid presentations, the marketing for your property development, product USP and vision.

With a variety of clients from industries such as construction, architecture, oil and gas, interior design and more, our talented, creative and passionate 3D artists have delivered jaw-dropping visuals, animations and immersive virtual walk-throughs to bring their vision to a reality.

Our client approach is highly collaborative and relationship-led to ensure effective delivery and the meeting all of your visualisation needs.

To discuss how we can bring your projects to life, give us a call on 0141 552 4443 or email info@wireframe3d.co.uk


“Wireframe’s attention to detail -  the little things that make you look twice because you’re not quite sure whether what you’re seeing is real – never ceases to surprise me. Working with their 3D Artists is a pleasure.”